Achieve Secure and Compliant Excellence

Greetings! I am Omar, the founder of SimpleInfoSec LTD, a Finland-based provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions. 

I shed light on governance, risk, and compliance, I assist individuals and companies to be secure and compliant. 

Founding my own GRC consulting company specializing in ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 was driven by a combination of personal passion and professional expertise. There were several motivating factors that led me to establish this company:

Expertise and Knowledge: Over the years, I have developed extensive expertise in information security and business continuity management, particularly in the context of ISO 27001 and ISO 22301. I recognized the growing demand for specialized consulting services in these areas and saw an opportunity to utilize my knowledge to help organizations achieve security and compliance.

Impact and Value: I am deeply committed to making a positive impact in the realm of information security and risk management. By founding my own GRC consulting company, I can directly contribute to the success and resilience of businesses by guiding them through the complex process of implementing robust security frameworks and achieving regulatory compliance. The opportunity to add value and help organizations safeguard their assets and reputation is highly motivating.

Client-Centric Approach: I have always been passionate about building strong relationships with clients and understanding their unique challenges. By starting my own consulting company, I can adopt a client-centric approach and offer personalized services tailored to their specific needs. This allows me to provide customized solutions and address the diverse security and compliance requirements of different organizations.

Entrepreneurial Drive: The entrepreneurial spirit within me has fueled my desire to establish and grow my own business. I thrive on the challenges and opportunities that come with running a company, such as developing innovative strategies, building a strong team, and driving the success of the organization. The prospect of building a reputable consulting firm that delivers exceptional services excites and motivates me.

Continuous Learning and Growth: Founding my own company allows me to continuously learn and expand my knowledge in the ever-evolving field of GRC. I am driven by the opportunity to stay at the forefront of industry trends, collaborate with diverse clients, and continually enhance my skills and expertise. The prospect of personal and professional growth that comes with owning a consulting company is a significant motivating factor.

The motivation behind founding my GRC consulting company lies in my expertise, the desire to make a positive impact, a client-centric approach, an entrepreneurial drive, and the pursuit of continuous learning and growth. These factors collectively drive my passion to help organizations achieve security and compliance, and I am excited to embark on this journey as a trusted partner in their GRC initiatives.

Problems I solve

As an ISO27001 consultant

I help organizations solve a variety of problems related to information security management. 

Some of the most common problems I solve for my clients include:

By solving these and other problems related to information security management, I help organizations establish, maintain, and improve their ISMS in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. This protects their sensitive data, promotes stakeholder trust, and supports their overall business objectives.

What is ISO27001

ISO 27001 

Outlines a systematic approach to managing sensitive information, including data protection and privacy. The standard provides a framework to identify, manage and reduce information security risks through the implementation of security controls and processes. It helps organizations to protect their information assets and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information. In short, ISO 27001 helps organizations solve problems related to information security risks and management. 

As a GRC consultant

I help organizations solve problems related to managing risk, ensuring compliance, and promoting good governance. 

Some of the most common problems I solve for my clients include:

By solving these and other problems related to GRC, I help organizations establish, maintain, and improve their GRC processes in accordance with relevant regulations and standards. This supports their overall business objectives, reduces risk, and promotes stakeholder trust.

What is GRC

GRC (Governance, Risk, compliance) 

GRC is designed to help organizations meet the requirements of relevant regulations and standards, reduce risk, promote good governance, and ensure that all stakeholders have confidence in the organization's ability to manage its affairs effectively. Effective GRC processes can help organizations make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and manage risk in a consistent and effective manner, resulting in a stronger and more resilient organization.

As an ISO22301 consultant

I help organizations solve problems related to business continuity management. Some of the most common problems

Some of the most common problems I solve for my clients include:

By solving these and other problems related to business continuity management, I help organizations establish and maintain a robust business continuity program that supports their overall business objectives and protects their reputation in the face of unexpected incidents.

What is ISO22301 

ISO 22301 

address the problems related to Business Continuity Management (BCM). It provides a framework to help organizations identify potential threats, assess risks, and develop a plan to ensure the continuation of critical business functions in the event of a disruption. This standard helps organizations prepare for and manage disruptions, such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or pandemics, ensuring the maintenance of essential operations, products, and services, and protecting their reputation and stakeholders.