Comprehensive ISO 27001 Gap Analysis & Scoping 

Identifying Your Information Security Journey

Our Proven Approach to Assessing Gaps and Establishing a Clear Path to ISO 27001 Compliance 

At SimpleInfoSec , we specialize in conducting thorough ISO 27001 Gap Analysis & Scoping to help organizations identify areas for improvement and establish a clear roadmap towards achieving ISO 27001 compliance. 

Our expert consultants will guide you through a systematic process, ensuring that your information security practices align with industry best practices.

Step-by-Step ISO 27001 Gap Analysis & Scoping Process:

Step 1: Initial Consultation:

Step 2: Define Scope and Objectives:

Step 3: Gather Documentation:

Step 4: Conduct Gap Analysis:

Step 5: Assess Risk and Impact:

Step 6: Develop Remediation Strategies:

Step 7: Establish Implementation Roadmap:

Step 8: Support and Guidance:

Step 9: Progress Monitoring:

Step 10: Readiness Assessment:

With our comprehensive ISO 27001 Gap Analysis & Scoping process, you can gain a clear understanding of your organization's current information security practices, identify gaps, and establish a structured path to achieving ISO 27001 compliance. 

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