Gap Analysis and Scoping for ISO 27001 Compliance

Identifying Your Information Security Journey

Our primary mission is to guide your organization through the crucial initial phases of ISO 27001 compliance: Gap Analysis and Scoping. These early stages lay the foundation for a successful ISO 27001 implementation, ensuring that your information security management system (ISMS) is tailored to your unique needs and aligned with international standards.

Understanding Gap Analysis and Scoping: 

Gap Analysis involves assessing your organization's current information security practices and policies in comparison to the requirements of ISO 27001. Scoping defines the boundaries of your ISMS, determining which assets, processes, and locations are included within the scope of certification.

Our Role and Responsibilities:

Gap Analysis:


Alignment with ISO 27001:

Documentation and Reporting:

Conclusion: Gap Analysis and Scoping are pivotal in establishing the foundation for a successful ISMS tailored to your organization's needs. By collaborating closely with your team, we ensure that these activities are not only compliant with international standards but also aligned with your specific operational requirements and risk landscape.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further details about our role in Gap Analysis and Scoping for ISO 27001 compliance, please feel free to reach out.