Daily Agenda


Training Agenda

·        Day 1 Domain1 and Domain2

·        Day 2 Domain3 (most important domain)

·        Day 3 Domain4 and Domain5

·        Day 4 Domain6

My Role 

As a trainer, my goal is not to simply recite the theoretical topics from the study guide. Rather, my focus is on coaching you on the practical skills you need to pass the exam and navigate through the various exam topics effectively. We will be working together to develop a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and techniques needed to succeed on the exam.

Statement of Responsibility

As a contracted certified trainer, it is my duty to deliver this course in accordance with the guidelines provided by the provider (TKA). The learning approach and content covered in the course are determined solely by the provider, and therefore, I have no authority to modify or influence them. My role is to ensure that the content is delivered in accordance with the provider's specifications and that the participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills within the prescribed scope set by the provider (ATK)

The Materials Provided 

Please be advised that the materials provided in presentation format are not representative of the official exam content. They are intended to serve as a high-level overview to guide the training. It is important to rely solely on the official study materials, which must be acquired separately, to prepare for the exam.

The following are the expectations for the event:

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